Team Building


Is Your Organization Ready for an Experience? Are You Looking for a Way to Promote Teamwork?

 We offer a unique experience that utilizes a wide assortment of tasks, puzzles, and thinking skills that allows, and demands, all of the group to participate. Our Escape Rooms are meant to be solved, but there is simply too much for one person to do. Our rooms do not allow a single person to take control and do all of the work. In our rooms, the teams must work together in order to succeed.

Solving the Escape Room is only part of the experience. Our facility houses a full size conference room which may be booked in conjunction with the Escape Room. One of our founders will be happy to talk at your function and will help make your outing both an informative and enjoyable experience.

Large groups are welcome! Nothing is wrong with a little friendly competition and placing groups against groups to see who has the best time escaping is a fun way to ensure group participation.