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Our escape rooms are full of mazes, puzzles, technology, and clues to help you navigate your way to the exit.

We opened on July 1st, 2017 with Escape the Library, which is a classic puzzle room game. We have a nice mix of traditional puzzles and electronic elements. Escape the Library is not easy, but it is a great introduction to our escape room location.

In September, 2017 we introduced Escape the Sanctuary, which as quickly become a crowd favorite from far and wide. We have had seasoned escape room players from Maine to New York come experience this challenging room and walk away thrilled!

In March, 2018 we released Escape the Enigma, which is our most immersive room yet. The puzzles are challenging and it is turning out to be a great head-scratcher! 


Choose your day. Choose your time. Choose your game. Our online booking allows you to choose an open game where you can play with others or a private game for those who want to play with just your group.


You and your group will have one hour to find, solve, and figure your way out of our well designed escape rooms. The ticking of the clock will constantly remind you that your time is running out and the reality will set in that you may not escape on time.


Our rooms are full of thought provoking puzzles and mazes. All of our rooms are full of technology! Doing certain things in our rooms will make other things open or move. All of our escape rooms offer hands on entertainment.


Our games are designed for all ages 10 - 100!

Friends & Families

Looking for a fun activity for your family? Come experience a game that can be enjoyed by the whole group. You will enjoy one hour of putting away your phones and having fun in a live action escape game. Our escape room is a great place to begin your night out with your friends!


We are conveniently located in the capital city of Concord, NH and are close to everything! After spending the day skiing, hiking, boating or sight seeing, stop by for some evening fun!


Played escape games online? Looking for a chance to see if you have what it takes in a real escape room? Wanting a full-immersion game with high quality set designs and music? Visit one of our rooms and you will be tested!


Our Escape Rooms are great for team building! Want to see how your group handles teamwork? Leaders are invited to watch from our control room to see how the individuals react in a group activity. If you are interested in psychology and sociology then our control room is a great place to be!


Is Your Organization Ready for an Experience? Are You Looking for a Way to Promote Teamwork?

We offer a unique experience that utilizes a wide assortment of tasks, puzzles, and thinking skills that allows, and demands, all of the group to participate. Our Escape Rooms are meant to be solved, but there is simply too much for one person to do. Our rooms do not allow a single person to take control and do all of the work. In our rooms, the teams must work together in order to succeed.

Solving the Escape Room is only part of the experience. Our facility houses a full size conference room which may be booked in conjunction with the Escape Room. One of our founders will be happy to talk at your function and will help make your outing both an informative and enjoyable experience.

Large groups are welcome! Nothing is wrong with a little friendly competition and placing groups against groups to see who has the best time escaping is a fun way to ensure group participation.


Looking for a Birthday Party idea? Want to really show your friends a good time? Come experience one of the best premium escape room games in New England!

Our Escape Rooms make for a great party activity. We also have a full size conference room with kitchen for rent. You can bring your own food and cake, and have a great time at our facility. We have plenty of parking and we are conveniently located on Airport Road. No alcoholic beverages aloud.


Are you running out of places to go? Heading out to the same old hangout?

Surprise your friends by bringing them to an exciting and fun night out at one of our Escape Rooms.
You will have lots of fun, lots of laughs, and a great time working together to figure out how to Escape!










60 minutes and the clock is ticking...

Come inside and see our current and future rooms.


Answers to common questions below...

What is an escape room?

Escape Rooms are interactive games where you and others are “locked” in a themed room. The room contains a number of puzzles, locks, riddles, and clues that you need to piece together. Opening certain items reveal other items that need to be solved – all of which eventually lead you to the final clue on how to exit “escape” the room.

Who can play this game?

You can play this game with family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers. Some businesses host corporate games for team building exercises.

Am I actually locked in the room?

No, the entrance door is never locked, but the goal is to escape through the locked exit door.

Do I need reservations?

All reservations are made online. On the menu bar there is a link to BOOK NOW where you can see days and time slots available, as well as prices. This is where you can make your reservations. You can simply show up, but there may not be any available time slots. Also, we can only begin games at the scheduled times listed on our website.

Can I cancel a reservation?

Cancellation Fees:
Less than 8 hours before game – No Refunds
Less than 1 Day – 50%
Less than 2 Days – 25%
Less than 2 Weeks – 10%
Refunds are provided in a form of a gift certificate.

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No. However, we recommend that you bring the least amount of belongings and accessories possible with you in order to move comfortably and fast during the game.

Will it be safe during the game?

None of our rooms are scary. There are no live actors and there are no items that pop out at you. Our rooms are of good size too, so those who are claustrophobic should have nothing to worry about.

Do I need to be good at puzzles or really smart?

Not really. We design our rooms in such a way that you are guided through a step by step process. Now, some puzzles may make you think quite a bit, and that is where working with others comes in. Working with others can help everyone come up with different ideas on how to solve the more difficult puzzles. This method helps you think outside the box and come up with a lot of ideas. After a few puzzles you start to learn what kind of thinking is required.

Can I book a room by myself?

You can, but the only way to guarantee to be alone, or with just a partner or a few friends, is by booking the whole room. Although this may be more comfortable for you, we hope you give a larger group a try. These games can be played with fewer players, but part of the experience is to meet other people and solve the game together.

Do I need to be agile or really fit?

Not really, but you should be able to bend, sit, kneel, and stand with relative ease. This does not mean you can not play, but you may not be able to complete the game if you played by yourself. We do our best to make the environment as accessible as possible. Also, due to the nature of the game, it may be required in some cases for you to leave the safety exit door instead of the escape door.

What ages can play?

Some escape rooms are more complicated than others. We do our best to offer some game rooms that are easier. For children under 16, we recommend a parent or guardian to play too. For children under 14, a parent must play along. Games are designed for adults; however, children 10 and older can play and typically do very well. Children under 10 may not appreciate or be able to understand the puzzles.

Can we bring alcoholic drinks?

Sorry, but we do not allow alcohol on the premises in any of the areas, including the conference room.


Private Bookings offer a single price of $200.00 and allows 2 extra people in each room.


$30 Per Person


$28 Per Person


$25 Per Person


Does your team have what it takes?


Visit our social media sites to see your group in pictures! We wouldn't mind a review either!

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